Want to show people your nerd skills? Do you still think that you can impress people in job interviews with your knowledge of Harry Potter or Star Wars? Think the cool kids will like you if tell them all about the Easter eggs in Batman vs Superman?

Well, don’t worry folks I’ve developed the ultimate strategy to make your nerdiness will work for you. My first suggestion is to incorporate it into your banter.

For example, if one is approaching a lengthy spell of queuing which will probably take a long time, you could say something along the lines of “wow this queue is as long as Snake Way!”, you see why this probably works? Because one, if you may have had a beer or two or consumed lots of sugar and it’s likely that your companions have as well, so jokes indeed, it’s up to you to make it funny.

Now we’ve all meet those folks who enjoy comic book movies, but we know that sometimes the “normal folks” forget all the fine print continuity that makes those movies really exciting. For example, if one goes into a social situation “Hey what is Wolverines real name?” You shall reply by going into encyclopaedia mode and reply “It’s James Howlett, would anyone like to know about the Cyclops’s two brothers and how his dad is a space pirate?”

Then boom. You find yourself at the top of the social hierarchy as people praise your book-like knowledge.

Now, the final move in your arsenal is the following:

Now is the time to go for the real in-depth stuff… If someone is talking about Spider-man, You drop the real Wikipedia stuff. Top go to subjects if Spider-ham (the humanoid pig with spider powers) and the Japanese Spider-men and if Transformers has been thrown into the mix, you bring up those giant Spider-man robots.

So there you go folks, top ways to utilise your nerdiness, no need to thank me. Really.

Do this stuff secure your success in live? Well there’s a first time for everything and it’s got to work at some point, surely?

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