Get ready to dive back in to Rainbow Six’s world of unrelentingly tense encounters because Ubisoft have released both a new teaser and some final details on the latest Rainbow Six Siege DLC, titled Operation Dust Line.

The teaser may only be about 18 seconds in length, but there’s a fair bit one can glean from what’s shown – the new DLC will feature a map set in what appears to be a Middle Eastern setting, the gadgets available for use with the new Operatives Valkyrie and Blackbeard will include sticky cameras and a deployable shield attached to the character’s gun and, most importantly, the final release date for the DLC is May 11th.

Ubisoft also teased that a live demonstration of the DLC’s features will take place on May 7th, broadcast right before the grand final of the official Rainbow Six PC Pro League tournament on

It’s good to see Ubisoft continuing to support the game. Take a look at the Rainbow Six Siege Dust Line DLC teaser in the video above.

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