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As more and more regulations come into place when it comes to flying drones, it’s becoming more and more difficult to actually know where’s safe to fly. Did you know that drones are not permitted at Stonehenge due to the airspace being an RAF no-fly zone? Yeah, that means you can’t take stunning aerial photographs or videos over one of the UK’s most mysterious attractions.

There’s also a ton of other places in the UK alone which could get you in some serious trouble if you end up flying your drone. Places like Hyde Park, for example, are okay for you to fly your drone but send it two miles up the road however to Primrose Hill then you’ll likely be slapped with a hefty fine as it’s a Royal Park.

Fortunately, has launched a brand new website which hopes to keep you out of trouble when sending your drone up in the air., is a brand new site that educates and promotes the safe use of drones at attractions not only in the UK, but around the world. It also lets you know whether you need permission to fly your drone and who to contact in order to get that permission.

Simon Applebaum, Managing Director at commented: “Many hobbyists and attractions across the world have used drones to capture truly stunning imagery and video, but we know that wrongly interpreting the many guidelines and regulations can result in serious safety violations. We know that the large majority of pilots are well intentioned, so we made to give greater clarity and education around some of the world’s biggest attractions and locations.”

Right now the website offers a small collection of locations, but more are being added, companies can also add their own by contacting CanIFlyMyDrone.

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