This is a bit of an odd theory, I know, but I still keep going back that orange little try hard that everyone calls Naruto. This time, I’ve been doing some over-thinking about the way a ninja is a ninja in this world. So that’s why I propose the idea that most of the ninjas in Naruto are X-Men-style mutants.

Think about it, they all posses a special ability that creates a unique skill for the character. Some can teleport, shapeshift, and even turn their eyes in powerful weapons. All because of Chakra and their ability to use it. What if Chakra was actually the X-Gene?

The X-|Gene is what gives a mutant their powers in the X-Men comics, that basic ingredient creates a different power in most people, though some characters have similar powers. Like the ability to fly, teleport, or read minds.

In the world of Naruto, some ninja have the same skills and abilities, like how most of the Uchiha clan can use the Sharingan, or how must possess similar skills like creating shadow clones, and so on.

If you look at how the Sharingan is activated through sheer emotional stress, that’s very similar to how some mutants discover their powers. If you think about it, maybe Rock Lee doesn’t possess the X-Gene and that’s why he can’t use Chakra. Without that gene he can’t have special powers or unless his power is just superhuman endurance or stamina.

Notice how in the Naurto world, not everyone is a ninja because some can’t do things with Chakra. Just like in the world of Marvel where not everyone is a mutant be they can still have super powers, just like how Naruto can enter Sage mode with intense training and make a pact with Frog Sages.

Maybe this is all a stretch, and I’m trying too hard to make some similarities but I thought it was just worth pointing out.

Just a quick comment, I am looking forward to the next issue of Naruto on Comixology, so hurry up and be here already, June, because I want to read it! Legally of course.

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Nope. Any person in the Ninja world could train their body and focus to bond both spiritual and physical to use Chakra.

Lee does have chakra he can't use Ninjutsu. Anybody could be granted huge abilities with enough training. The third Hokage was a ninja that learn every Konoha Ninjutsu without being born with special abilities.