The last time Nintendo got into the movie biz we saw Mario and his brother Luigi come to life in the Super Mario Bros. movie, and while that didn’t go down much of a treat, Nintendo are hoping to come back with something even better.

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima revealed to Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun that they’re planning to release a feature-length film in the very near future. Fortunately for those disappointed by the 1993 live-action movie based on the company’s most famous plumber brothers, they won’t be going live-action but instead will work on hand-drawn or 3D animation. They’re currently seeing partnerships with film companies.

This new venture will be funded using the proceeds from Nintendo’s recent sale of its stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team which is set to come to a close later this year.

As for what the movies will be based on, we have no idea as Nintendo didn’t announce which of its franchises it’ll be bringing to the big screen nor whether it’ll first arrive, though Nintendo has given the brief window of “within five years.”

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