Hello Game’s upcoming sandbox space exploration game, No Man’s Sky, is currently officially set to launch this June 21, however, according to a number of sources speaking with Kotaku, the game may be delayed as far back as August.

The news comes from various sources who have corroborated the same information, the first comes via an unnamed source who first informed Kotaku about the delay, the second was from someone who works at GameStop.

The GameSpot employee seems to have the most substance as they shared an internal memo which stated that No Man’s Sky was delayed, and that all stores should slap a “Coming Soon” sticker on the posters over the original June 21 date.

Official news of the delay has yet to surface, nor has the suggestion of another release date, but according to sources the game could be pushed back as far as July / August.

The reason for the delay is unclear, though around a year ago we heard that Hello Games was having trouble running the game on PlayStation 4, though surely they’ve had plenty of time to sort that one out. Another reason could likely be due to marketing, I mean, what exactly is No Man’s Sky?

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