With Microsoft and Nokia’s mobile business arrangement coming to an end, Nokia has announced that it’ll be getting back into the smartphone and tablet biz thanks to a new licensing agreement.

Following Microsoft purchasing and practically doing nothing with Nokia’s mobile business, it looks like Nokia is set to come back with a bang now an agreement, which had Nokia agree to not sell smartphones until 2016, has come to an end.

Nokia has this week announced that it will license its brand and intellectual property to a newly created company named HMD Global, which will produce and sell a number of Android smartphones and tablets with the Nokia brand.

HMD Global, based in Finland, is being led by Arto Nummela, a Nokia veteran who moved to Microsoft when the corporation purchased Nokia’s mobile business. The company has entered a conditional deal with Microsoft to acquire the rights to use the Nokia name on feature phones along with some design rights. The deal is set to come to a close by the end of June.

Interestingly, Microsoft announced this week that it was selling the remaining feature phone business to Foxconn for $350 million, and HMD Global and Foxconn’s subsidiary FIH Mobile have already collaborated an agreement which will support the building of a global business for Nokia mobile phones and tablets.

It seems the Nokia N1 Tablet, which launched a few years back, was just the start of a relationship which has now become a lot more formal.

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