Last night, NVIDIA held an event to announce the latest in their GTX GPU series and oh boy is it a corker. The GTX 1080 is faster than the Titan X and launches May 17 for around £450.

The GTX 1080 is the “largest GPU endeavor, largest chip endeavor, largest processor endeavor, in the history of humanity,” said NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. The processor makes the most of NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture which was announced last month with the P100 graphics card, it’ll also be built with a new 16nm FinFET manufacturing process, which makes it more power efficient, as well as faster.

What’s most impressive is that the GTX 1080 is faster than the $1,000 Titan X, but is actually the successor to the GTX 980 which retails for around $600. It’s also faster than two GTX 980 cards running together using SLI technology.


During the announcement, NVIDIA showed off a number of demos of The Division and Rise of the Tomb Raider, which looked absolutely stunning as both were on max settings. They later revealed that they were running these games on the new processor which most impressively was relying on air cooling alone, though it was running at just under 70 degrees Celsius.

The GTX 1080 will be available for $599 on May 27 and will also come in a “Founders Edition” for $699. There’ll also be a GTX 1070 which will launch on June 10 for $379 with a Founders Edition costing $449.

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