Peter Molyneux, ex-Lionhead co-founder and now 22Cans, has recently said in an interview that he would be definitely up for making a Fable 4.

During an interview with Eurogamer discussing Lionhead’s rise and fall along to the recent closure Peter Molyneux said the following about making a new Fable game.

“When I finish what I’m working on now, if someone comes to me and asks, hey, do you want to do Fable 4, I’d totally be up for it. I would get Dene back. I would get Simon back. And I would remake this world. It’s such a rich world and there are so many avenues we didn’t explore. That would be really good fun to do.”

This all comes about following the news that Lionhead Stuios could have been saved if only Microsoft would of let go of the Fable IP. A number of ‘big name’ publishers were keen to grab Lionhead and save the many jobs it hand. However, Microsoft wouldn’t sell the Fable IP which meant most buyers just walked away.

The article is a rather lengthy read but if you are interested in learning more about Lionhead, Peter Molyneux and the Fable games then make sure to check out the post over on Eurogamer.

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