If you Google “Power Rangers reboot”, “re-design” or “new look”, you’ll find tons of talented artists or cosplayers that have created their own unique versions of what the Power Rangers costumes can look like.

So imagine this; the Power Rangers will don armour which would be similar to the Iron Man suit and various other different ideas all bundled into one. And with a rebooted Blockbuster movie on the way, Entertainment Weekly have grabbed a quick shot of what the Power Rangers will look like next year.

Below is a shot of  what the Power Rangers looked like in their debut during the 90s and what they’ll look like next year:



So it’s a big farewell skin tight spandex that only the most god-like people in the world can wear and hello to what appears to be much more forgiving CGI body armour.

If we work our way from head to bottom this is how it goes. The helmets have been slightly tweaked, kind of like a cash-in directors cut DVD. It’s been changed enough to be noticeably different.

The body of the costumes feels like a much sleeker version of the Iron Man. It doesn’t look clunky but like a detailed second skin. The robotic six-packs are there too.

The mix of off white and the rangers colours does work fairly well, you’ll also notice they’ve kept the Power Rangers belt buckle like on the originals.

One thing that is missing is their blasters, but then again they didn’t really use them that much in the show and mostly relied on kicking and using their melee weapons.

The real proof in the pudding for those costumes is going to be seeing them in motion, maybe when the first trailer comes out we’ll see how cool they really look like.

Will they still be able to do their fancy high kicks? That is the question? Probably, I mean, have you seen those heels?

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