This weekend I sat down to review Project CARS: Game of the Year Edition, it’s been over a year since the game launched and since then Slightly Mad have been working 10x bringing improvements and additional vehicles into the mix, but what exactly is different? What is there to encourage those who perhaps missed the game first time around, to pick it up this time?

Honestly, not a lot.

Upon loading the game into my Xbox One I wasn’t met with any updates, in fact the game immediately felt no different. My current race campaign was there, and for the most part, the menu was pretty much the same too.

Perhaps I’m the wrong person to write about this, as I’ve been playing Project CARS on and off since it launched, so I’ve witnessed all of the updates, fixes, and changes and they now just feel a part of the game to me.


If I’m completely honest, without reading the box and the promotional gubbins Bandai Namco had sent across, I’d probably be a little mistaken into thinking that I’d been sent another copy of the standard edition. The Game of the Year Edition does include some additional content, mostly in the form of vehicles, tracks, and most importantly liveries, most of which were made by the community.

There’s now 50+ cars being added to the game making a total of 125, plus four additional tracks, with 35 unique locations in total now, plus over 100 layouts, there’s also over 60 community created liveries. In addition, the Game Of The Year Edition features two distinctive and exclusive items:

  • The iconic Nurburgring Combined Nordschieife + GP circuit
  • Two Project CARS exclusive vehicles from Pagani – the Zonda Revolucion and Huayra BC unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.


This review is going to be very short, and that’s because there’s little to say about Project CARS that I haven’t already said in my original review. Yes, the game still holds up as a truly fantastic racing sim, in fact with the few little tweaks here and there it’s become much better, but the improvements themselves are minimal and the additional content doesn’t really stand out which is a shame.

However it’s evident that the Game of the Year release is really just a celebration of the year that Slightly Mad studios have had with the game. It’s definitely something to be proud of, and it’s a Game of the Year Edition I am proud to own.

Is the Game of the Year Edition worth the purchase however? If you’re looking for a definitive version of Project CARS to play or if you’re a fan of the game overall, then yes, but if you’re just wanting to see what all the fuss is about, you’d probably be better off saving a few quid and purchasing the standard version.

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Mattewis Kat
Mattewis Kat

I have the standard edition and I have 125 cars because I bought the car packs as they were released, the latest being the two Pagani's which included the Nurburgring tracks. I can't imagine why I will pay $40 for the game of the year edition.