Ubisoft has today announced that the next free update / DLC for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Dust Line, will launch on all platforms on May 11.

The second major update to the game will come with two new Operators which were previously revealed, as well as a brand new map which all players can play right now for free.

The two new operators, Valkyrie and Blackbeard, have been available to Season Pass holders for a week now and each come with their own unique skills and equipment. Valkyrie deploys a sticky camera which will help players see things from a completely new angle, and Blackbeard comes with a Transparent Armoured Rifle Shield allowing him to defend against oncoming enemies without having his vision impaired.

The new map entitled Border, introduces a mix of old and new construction with open air pathways – making it the most destructible and open map to date.

The update also comes with a range of improvements from an “improved gameplay experience,” Loadout customisation between rounds, Operators have also been reworked, as well as the introduction of gadget placement cancellation controls.

The update arrives on May 11.



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