Rising World Water Update #1

I took a look at the open-world survival sandbox title Rising World quite a while ago now, and if there was one thing I could say about the game it would be that the game oozes relaxation with it’s charming use of more realistic details when compared to similar games like Minecraft, such as how torches need to be placed in wall-mounted torch holders instead of just being stuck on the wall wholesale and how you have to individually place each bit of ore in a furnace and watch them cook before your very eyes instead of through a menu.

One thing that I thought added to this was the hilly yet undeniably serene landscape, with a lot of swaying grass and trees getting an almost uniquely calm atmosphere going. On this topic, the latest major update to Rising World that dropped yesterday could very well boost this intense chillness even further with the addition of water, and if the screenshots JIW-Games have released are anything to go by, the lakes that are now part of the terrain generation algorithm can make the environment look really nice.

Rising World Water Update #2

Of course, this isn’t the only thing added in the new Water update – the update also comes with a number of new features and tweaks, including new trees and plants, new effects such as leaves falling when you’re cutting down a tree, the ability to quench your thirst by drinking water from a lake, bug fixes, additional decorations and more.

Whilst I can’t say whether or not JIW-Games intended to make the most relaxing open world game ever when they started developing Rising World, updates like this do seem to give that theory a bit of credence.

Rising World can be purchased from Steam.

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