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Have you ever wanted a drone that would fly itself? How about one that has a gaming in mind? If that sound interesting to you then you might like Lumi, a new quadcopter drone that is on it’s way to you and currently on right now.

Lumi, designed by Wowwee a renowned robotic toymaker, is a one-touch stunt and gaming drone. Set at the affordable price of $59 Lumi promises advanced hardware capabilities including a self-stabilising, hovering and piloting. This includes take off, land, navigate and one touch stunts as well.

Some other key features of Lumi also included being able to make Lumi dance to a beat. By selecting a song sorted on your tablet or phone, Lumi will challenge you to move to beat. The choreography mode means you can create a sequence of aerial moves, control timing, and light colours to your music and play it back whenever you want. Lumi also includes BeaconSense technology meaning that Lumi will fly and self-stabilize in relation to a supplied beacon which, when picked up and carried, can have Lumi follow you around.

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Lastly, Lumi comes with obstacle avoidance thanks to the various sensors that Lumi has. This will keep Lumi, you and any objects safe and sound. It also extends to hand-gesture control meaning Lumi can become the centre of some fun and games with friends. Lumi even supports multiplayer.

With all features and technology that Lumi is offering, for the price it’s asking, it seems like a stunning bit of kit. With a ready to go drone right out of the box and a mobile app which looks to be easy to use Lumi could be the next big thing. The beacon technology and obstacle avoidance are by far two of the most exciting features that Lumi is offering.

The Indiegogo for Lumi is already live here and will give you more of a look at what Lumi is all about including the different reward tiers.

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