For some, listening to music isn’t something they take lightly. With musicians spending hours mixing and mastering their music, some listeners want to experience it the way the musician wanted it to be experienced, and not through a pair of free Apple EarPods. And this latest Sennnheiser bundle hopes to make that possible in the simplest way.

Sennheiser has launched a brand new bundle which pairs together a pair of HD 650 headphones with an Apogee Groove, a high-performance USB DAC and headphone amp.

The Sinnheiser HD 650 in their own right are fantastic headphones offering the perfect mix of bass, mid, and treble all cobbled together with handpicked components and special acoustic materials to not only offer comfort, but also the best sound possible. Pairing that with the Apogee Groove which brings recording studio technology in a compact DAC and headphone amp, and you’re in for a listening treat.

“With more music stored on PC and Macs, the output of the computer can prove to be a bottleneck that limits the ability to deliver sufficient power to audiophile-grade headphone models,” explained Manuel Ricke, Product Manager Audiophile at Sennheiser. “The HD 650 are excellent open, dynamic headphones. However, their high, 300-ohm impedance means they require more power than can usually be provided by a computer. Drawing on Apogee’s 30-year pedigree as an innovator and industry leader in digital audi4 recording, the Groove amp increases the output signal to do full justice to the capabilities of the HD 650.”

The Groove has been designed to deliver music in great detail from all popular streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Google Play. It also offers playback for locally stored high-res files like WAV, AIFF, and FLAC. Its Constant Current Drive™ technology delivers a smooth frequency response with any headphones, so even if you didn’t fancy wearing the HD 650s and would prefer more compact earbuds, you can.

The HD650 and Apogee Groove bundle is set to retail for £490 and can be purchased directly from the Sennheiser online store.

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