Slender Man, the thing of nightmares and famous Internet meme, may be getting his own movie if Sony has anything to do with it.

The gangly horror made famous from various Internet memes as well as his own line of video games will be starring in his own movie, something that’s been rumoured for some time. Sony is apparently at the helm with the New York Times reporting that the production company is currently in talks with Mythology Entertainment, which owns the rights to the fictional character.

Slender Man first appeared on the Something Awful forums in 2009 and has since become a famous face on the Internet, it’s also spawned a number of independent video games which have players wandering forests looking for notes while avoiding the telltale signs of Slendy.

Nothing is set in stone right now, but according to the report, if Sony is able to work out something with Mythology Entertainment, a movie could begin filming by this Autumn.

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