EA Games has revealed that a sequel to last year’s hit, Star Wars: Battlefront, is in the works and is set for release in 2017. It’ll feature “bigger and better” worlds, and will also include content from “the new movies.”

During EA’s fourth quarter earnings call, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed that Star Wars: Battlefront had sold an impressive 14 million copies, and that a sequel was indeed in the works. It’ll have bigger worlds and more content from the new movies too.

Unfortunately Jorgensen didn’t go into detail as to what “the new movies” may include, but it’s likely more content from The Force Awakens as well as the upcoming Rogue One flick which is set to launch later this year.

Star Wars: Battlefront mostly stuck within the first trilogy which was slightly disappointing for some fans, but it has of course left EA and DICE open to release more games including content from the later movies.

What would you like to see in the new Battlefront?

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