Image & Form has this week announced that their incredible turn-based tactical shooter, SteamWorld Heist, will be landing on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita later this month!

Set to arrive on PlayStation platforms worldwide on May 31 with HD visuals in tow. The game’s first content pack, The Outsider DLC, will also be available on both platforms from day one, so if you want the whole package which is currently available on Nintendo 3DS, you can!

The game will launch for £15.99 with a 15% discount around launch. Those in Europe or Australia can pre-order the game now and get the discounted rate, as for those in the Americas, you’ll still get the discount but you’ll have to wait ’til launch to get it.

SteamWorld Heist follows on from SteamWorld Dig and has players taking charge of a rag-tag bunch of steam-powered cowbots who are roaming space looking for loot and water. However they stumble across something a little more sinister…

You can check out our review of SteamWorld Heist on Nintendo 3DS here.

It’s probably one of my favourite games on the platform and I’d definitely recommend picking it up. If that’s not enough to convince you though, here’s a trailer:

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