Street Fighter V

Despite launch woes, Capcom’s latest brawler, Street Fighter V has managed to ship 1.4 million copies since launch. Unfortunately for Capcom however, it misses its goal of 2 million sold by the end of the financial year.

Available on just PC and PlayStation 4, Street Fighter V has sold 1.4 million copies since February. This also means that Capcom missed out on the 2 million sales prediction by the end of its financial year this March 31. Capcom announced the news during its investors report.

The reason for the game missing this sales milestone likely had something to do with its fairly rocky launch which saw players complaining about the lack of arcade and story modes, as well as the issue of the game being a multiplayer brawler and having a huge problem with rage quitters. A problem that’s only recently been addressed.

In a statement, Capcom did however add that “Street Fighter 5 (for PlayStation 4 and PC) remained a perennial favorite and maintained steady sales mainly overseas.”

In an upcoming update, Street Fighter V will get a story mode, but it may be a little too late for some players, though Capcom are likely hoping that it’ll claw back that 600,000 sales it missed out of during the last financial year.

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