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Dead Island and Dying Light developer Techland has revealed that they’re currently working on two new titles, one of which is a brand new IP.

Techland CEO and founder Pawel Marchewka revealed in a Polish press release that “We’re currently working on not one, but two new titles,” adding that, “We estimate their total budget to be around $77 million, so these will be so-called AAA games.”

GamePressure.com, who initially reported the news, also found out that TechLand’s Wroclaw and Warszawa teams will each lead one of the two projects while its Vancouver studio will provide support for both. Techland also hope to have the two games out within the next two years.

Speaking directly with GamePressure.com at a conference, Marchewka confirmed that one of the two games is an entirely new IP saying that it’ll be “a fantasy game with a big, open world and RPG elements”, with both single player and co-op multiplayer. However it’s not evolution on Hellraid.

As for the other title, we could be looking at a Hellraid game, or sequel to Dying Light, though considering The Following expansion which launched recently has added a ton to the game, it seems unlikely.

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