I should be saving up for DC Rebirth but I couldn’t resist some of the new releases this week, this included Saber Rider andthe Star Sheriffs, Power Rangers, and Spider-verse. So it’s time for three quick comic reviews and a small smattering of trivia.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs #3:

Saber Rider is another one of those obscure cartoons from the 80s which was a loosely dubbed over anime which never made big over here in the UK. Though just like Voltron, I reckon if I had watched when I was younger, I’d be into it.

We follow Saber Rider, a British space sheriff who has a flying horse and dresses like a Japanese live action superhero and shots people with lasers, with a smattering of Western references. Interested?

So after a slow paced issue 2, issue 3 picks up as our bad guy the rogue Space Sheriff, Jesse Blue, unleashes a huge bunch of robot mechs in a race meet and with some cool robot horse acrobatics from Saber Rider, the pace picks up and get’s you set up for the robot mecha boss fight.

Power Rangers #3:

It’s been a long time coming, but a publisher finally morphed up and created a Power Rangers comic for the more… mature fan, shall we say. Our story so far follows Tommy the Green Ranger as he struggles to free himself from the grasp of Rita Repulsa.

With Rita cackling away in her fortress on the moon and ambiguously mumbling about some master plan, we finally find out that she’s going to get Tommy back by trying to reconnect his power source back to her, since right now it’s kind of disconnected from Rita’s power source but could be connected to a better source, the Power Grid.

We see Goldar, whose currently in sulky exile after being beaten by the rangers. But when a certain Zord get’s stolen, something tells me issue 4 will be rather good.

Spider-verse #7:

The big universe of possibilities gets very exciting with this issue as we see more fun alternate realities as we meet the Spider-ham (a humanoid pig with the power of Spider-man) of 2099, meet up with our old pal Spider-Punk and get the lines set for the big mecha battle next issue… That’s right a Spider-man mecha.

Guess you’ll be picking this book up next month right?

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