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During EA Games investor relations call, the company revealed a more accurate release window for their upcoming shooter Titanfall 2.

EA Games unveiled Titanfall 2 last month and asked players to stay tuned for more of an update at E3 later this year. The only real thing we knew about the game’s release date was that it’d launch before the end of EA Games financial year, which ends in March next year.

Now however, we have a much more accurate release window and it looks like the game will launch just in time for the holidays. In the investor call, EA revealed that the game would now launch within its third financial quarter which puts the release somewhere between October and December 2016.

This does mean that Titanfall 2 will launch on or around the same time as Battlefield 1, their latest instalment into the Battlefield series, which launches on October 21.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson did however comment on the two games launching revealing that EA aren’t worried about launching the two shooters in such close proximity due to shooters being “a giant category in our industry.”

Titanfall 2 is set to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Different from the last release which launched solely on PC and Xbox One.

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