In an effort to let you get more out of your 140 characters on Twitter, the microblogging service may finally be listening to users and could be removing image and URLs from counting in the 140 limit.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Twitter may stop including photos and links in the character counts in the next couple of weeks. This would likely please users as it’s something they’ve been calling for, for some time.

Recently, there was word that Twitter was exploring options to make Tweets longer, and while the company has since stated that the idea was there, but they’ve decided to stick with 140 characters for the foreseeable future, it looks like they’re exploring other ways for users to get the most out of their 140 characters.

Twitter has declined to comment about the report.

If a feature were to come in place, it would likely need to be regulated as the service is known for its high level of spam users, and if URLs didn’t count in the 140 word limit, there’s a possibility that users could be spammed with huge tweets consisting of hundreds of links.

Here’s hoping Twitter has some news soon.

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