Power Rangers 0

We can’t be that far off a Power Rangers trailer for the movie that’s coming out next year, but who could replace those Teenagers with Attitudes if they all got called away to a Peace Conference?  Who could pick up those Morphers in their place?

I have some ideas:

Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible as the Red Ranger: Looks how quick Tom Cruise can run. Looks how efficiently he can beat people up. I mean it’d be difficult to make sure he keeps the Power Ranger helmet on, but it would kind of cool to see.

Jason Vorhees as the Blue Ranger: I mean if Captain Cold and Heatwave can blag their way onto a super team then maybe this misguided slasher deserves a shot at redemption?

Sakura from Naruto as the Black Ranger: They say when someone morphs into a Power Ranger it improves their natural reflexes. According to my friend who is self-proclaimeded Naruto expert Sakura is actually quite super strong but she hasn’t got the speed to make it that useful. She morphs up and boom, there you go. She’ll be able to gear up with the bad guys.

Judge Cassandra Anderson from Dredd (sorry folks, don’t know enough about 2000AD to competently talk about her) Yellow Ranger: She reckons a helmet can interfere with her physic abilities, but I reckon some convoluted Power Rangers mojo can override that so she can walk the streets of Mega City One in yellow spandex a little more safely.

River Tam from Firefly as the Pink Ranger: With a quick mention of Miranda and boom you’ve got an unstoppable killer machine. Give  her a Power Rangers mMorpherand send her over to Westeros and she’ll sort out that little Whitewalker problem in one afternoon and everyone can go back to their pigeon pie.

Snake Eyes from G.I Joe as the Green/White Ranger: Let’s give the strong silent ninja that biggest and coolest mechs and weapons out all off the team and let’s see how long it is until he starts talking because he realises how totally awesome he has become.

So what could replace their megazords? Well maybe I’ll have to think about that one..

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