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Microsoft has done pretty well with releasing different controllers to suit players’ aesthetics, but now they’ve put the colour controls in your hands, literally, with the Xbox Design Lab.

Announced at E3 2016, players will soon be able to build their controller of their dreams with the Xbox Design Lab, a new initiative that puts the player in control of what colours their Xbox One controllers can be. From pink, to orange, to red, to blue, the possibilities seem endless.

Players can customise almost every aspect of their controller, from the main fascia colour, to the buttons, D-pad, and even the thumbsticks. In some areas, the customisation is limited, as you can only choose from black or white buttons, but there are enough options here to make a truly unique controller.

Design Lab contollers will set you back $79.99 plus shipping, and even more if you want it laser engraved. Though I totally think it’s worth it. Oh, it’s also worth noting that delivery is currently expected by September, so you’ve got a wait on your hands too.

Right now, orders are limited to the US, too, with no current plans for a UK launch.

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