It’s the first issue from a spin-off series to Boom Studios Power Rangers release. This issue follows the first Pink Ranger stepping out on her own, but is our first solo series any good? Or did it totally fail to power up?

So what is the setting for this story? Well, our story takes place in Season 3 after Kimberly, who is mostly called Kim in the comics, has left the Power Rangers to take part in the Pan Global Games to compete as an acrobat in Europe.

Now without her Morpher, she’s struggling to adjust a more normal life. The interesting thing about this setting is how, after most of the rangers left, you don’t really know what happened to them. Of course, Kim does turn up in Turbo, but that’s a huge gap in time, what does a Power Ranger do after they stop being a Power Ranger?

Well, when Kim discovers her parents are missing she finds herself back in the Power Rangers saddle and with a quick continuity reference she’s back as a Power Ranger. Well, sort of, with the Sword of Light, a magical McGuffin which helped write Jason, Zack, and Trini out of the show when the actors walked off set.

However, since Amy-Jo Johnson didn’t walk off set, when she decided to leave the show, they kind of forgot about the Sword of Light. So when Kim finds her parents village in France over-run with sea monsters, Zordon uses the sword to restore Kim’s power partially and give her a spiffy new Power Ranger costume. Now she’s ready for battle.

This issue is very fast paced with the setting quickly introduced and moving into the high kicking and punching action. This is a stark contrast compared to the core series which is around 3 issues in now and is at a very slow burn as it focuses more on character development.

It’s a bold move for a spin-off series, to set itself in the future of the franchise, meaning the writers hands are tied. Though it does promise an exciting future for Boom’s Power Rangers comics as it means we may get to see what happened to Zack and Trini after they left the team.

As you can tell, I’m very excited for this.

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