After a while of teasing Deck 13’s upcoming dystopian action adventure game, The Surge, Focus Home Interactive has now finally unleashed the game’s debut trailer showing off the game in action.

The first trailer for The Surge was unveiled during the PC Gaming Show this past Monday and it looks pretty damn awesome.

In The Surge, players are whisked off to the near-future where it’s Man vs. Machine as one global corporation decides to turn on the world in order to save itself. Equipped with a powerful, moddable exo-skeleton, players will hack, slash, and smash their way through ever growing enemies, harvesting parts to further increase their arsenal.

“With a heavy emphasis on environmental storytelling and Deck13’s classic duel-style combat system expanded and enhanced with unique limb targeting mechanics, there are thousands of combinations of armor and make-shift weapons to dismantle, craft, and merge with your exo-suit,” Focus Home Interactive explained.

The Surge releases in 2017 on consoles and PC.

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