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Oh Jesus, the Furby really doesn’t die, does it? It’s back once again after it’s 2012 revival, this time with another update which brings the gobby little ball of fur to your smartphone or tablet.

Aimed at the tablet-using youngster, Furby Connect is a brand new chirpy little bugger which relies on a smartphone app, connected via Bluetooth, to offer a ton of content from videos, songs, and games.

Furby Connect has a new little antenna which lights up when new content arrives on the app, and like with the 2012 refresh, the toy’s eyes are LCDs, though this time they offer more visuals that respond to the accompanying app. If animated eye’s aren’t creepy enough, then the toy will also have animatronic movements and sensors to offer more emotions and reactions… and nightmares…

To every parent’s relief, the 2016 redesign can be put to sleep at will with a new sleep mask accessory, which is brilliant… Honestly. Furby’s still haunt me…

furby connect mask

The Furby Connect is available for pre-order today from Amazon, priced at $100. There are two versions: Pink and Teal, and will launch in stores this autumn. The Firby Connect app will be available on July 7.

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