God of War 2016 – Kratos versus the Troll
God of War 2016 - Kratos versus the Troll

Here’s an interesting tidbit. The reveal trailer for Sony’s upcoming God of War game, has become the most watched trailer of all games revealed at E3 this year, beating the previous holder, Battlefield 1.

This fact was first spotted by reddit user TooDrunkToTalk, and after a bit of sleuthing, it looks like it is indeed accurate.

Currently the God of War trailer sits at 9.3 million views followed by the gameplay trailer for Battlefield 1 which now sits at 9.1 million. The only other trailer to beat both of these games is the one for the Xbox One S, but as TooDrunkToTalk rightly points out, the trailer has been used for Microsoft’s ad campaign for the new console, so it’s difficult to determine how many are non-ad views.

In the thread, a rep from Sony Santa Monica, the developer of the upcoming title, appeared to give thanks, saying “Still crazy to me that the demo continues to get views. We definitely appreciate all of the support and excitement!”

The new game, simply titled God of War, is the latest game in the series and will see Kratos in a more Nordic setting, and what could be a more traditional RPG affair than the hectic hack and slash gameplay we’re all used to.

Here’s that trailer, in case you missed it?

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