Not satisfied with just remastering the 1994 classic, System Shock, developers Night Dive Studios have decided to completely remake the game and are asking for players’ help via Kickstarter to make it happen.

The $900,000 campaign launched yesterday and has already made it a third of the way there. The new “reimagined” version of the 1995 classic will feature updated art, music, controls, and a brand new voice-over from the actor who played villain SHODAN in the original. If successful, the game is set to launch in December 2017.

Rather than another remaster, this new game will be “a faithful reboot” of the original game, and hope that the modern graphics will convey a better sense of fear that the original graphics couldn’t.

For those of you who may have missed the original System Shock, the game takes place on a corporate research base called Citadel Station, whose AI system has become self-aware and has declared herself a god. Players are tasked with surviving aboard the ship which is filled with cyborgs and mutated crew members all corrupted by SHODAN, the aforementioned AI.

To prove that the new System Shock is something worth pledging to, Night Dive has released a completely free proof-of-concept demo which faithfully recreates the game’s opening section, complete with the new graphics update and controls. Though for those of you hoping for the techno music and neon corridors to return, they’re unfortunately gone.

Pledges start as low as $5 and go as high as $5,000, the latter of which bags players a custom Razer Blade gaming laptop with the TriOptimum Corporation’s branding:

system shock razer blade

You can check out the campaign, download the demo, as well as find out what other pledges are available by heading to the Kickstarter page.

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