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It’s been a morphin’ great week for Power Ranger fans, with Zordon cast and a teaser image to boot. So how about we break it all down and see what all the excitement is all about?

If you’re a keen user of Instagram you may have probably seen the Power Rangers movie official Instagram continuing it’s unique yet underwhelming marketing campaign for the 2017 movie adaptation of the TV show that adapted the live action Japanese superhero show Super Sentai.

Last night you might’ve seen the teaser for the teaser photo. Which ca be seen below. So what can we say about the teaser?

Well, maybe the marketing team kind of thought it wouldn’t get so much attention so now was the time to drop the news about Malcolm in the Middle’s Dad joining the cast as Zordon.

In case you didn’t know that much about Zordon, he was a wizard he got sealed in a tube to preserve his life. He died fairly early on in the  2 decades plus-worth of continuity when he sacrificed himself to let a wave of good sweep across the galaxy and get rid off all the bad guys who we’re on the verge of victory.

So what about the teaser? Well, what silly things can I say about it? What whacky speculation can I add?

We can see 5 people in the image, so that’s the Power Rangers. Check out the sky and you can see the Power Rangers logo.

Check out how 4 of them are standing on the car and one of them isn’t. Could that mean a rift? He kind of looks like the Red Ranger.

The car. Could it be the Rad Bug? The flying car the Power Rangers used in the first couple of seasons?

If I was being really ridiculous, I could say it looks like the Yellow Rangers Turbo Megazord. Though that is a huge strecth.

What do you think it could be?



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