Set for a full reveal during E3 2016 in a few days time, the gameplay trailer for DONTNOD Entertainment’s upcoming supernatural adventure game, Vampyr, has leaked online early.

The first gameplay trailer for Vampyr is here, and arrives a few days ahead of time, you can check it out below. According to the URL, it looks as if its being reserved for a full unveiling during the PC Gaming Show on June 13.

Narrated by the game’s main character, Jonathan E. Ried, a doctor turned vampire, it seems “science has failed us”, explaining more about the flu epidemic that’s killing thousands in London. He then talks about the hunger inside of him, which he must satisfy every night. But as we all know, there’s consequences.

“I have few allies, and even fewer options,” he continues. “It’s a war, and I have to fight to survive. My life has become a waking nightmare. I did not choose the thing I’ve become, but I can choose the lives I take.”

In case you’ve missed out on Vampyr, the game has players taking the role of Doctor Ried who must make the difficult decision between saving lives, and taking them. You see, he’s a vampire and must feed on humans to survive, but with each feed comes severe repercussions throughout the whole of London.

Vampyr is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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