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Oddworld Inhabitants, the developers behind the Abe’s Oddysee series, including the recent release, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, and the upcoming Oddworld: SoulStorm, is teasing another game… But what could it be?

Oddworld Inhabitants has launched a brand new teaser site for something called “Spirit of 1029”. A twitter site for the teaser has also begun, and according to a lengthy bit of text on the site sounds like a teaser for the upcoming Oddworld game:

We are the spirit of 1029. We are many. We are coming. We will not stop. The power will shift and we will rise again.

We will not stop!

The fall of RF1029 was the spark to ignite a revolution. For too long, they have controlled their giant industrial machines, grinding the bones of our kind into dust in their endless pursuit of power and wealth.

We were taught that this is all there was: work, obey, comply.

The truth was hidden from us. Our history was hidden from us. We were bred to work, raised to obey and forced to comply. Our natural connection to mother planet was erased from the consciousness of our people. Lost was our knowing. Lost was our unity, our connection, our power and our purpose. All that we were was a commodity to be traded and exploited in the ongoing race for more wealth. What we should have protected, we were tricked into killing. What was worst for us, we were told was best. We were taught to trust those who would deceive us the most.

That has all changed.

The hero has shown all of us that our oppressors can be toppled. He has found our wild and knowing brothers. He has reconnected the factory-born to our natural world and ancient ways. He has lit a fire in our hearts that cannot be extinguished.

We will give help to those who are helpless. We will lend strength to those who are weak. We will fight for those who are defeated. Our movement will spread like a raging inferno and we will take back the power from those who have abused it.

We will not be silenced by the media circus. We will not be ignored. We will not stop. We will not obey. We will rise and we will rise again, until we have burned through our tattered bonds and razed the machine to the ground.

We will rise. Join us.

There’s a storm coming.

It’s unlikely to be another Oddworld game, as Oddworld Inhabitants are likely busy on the new game, Oddworld: Soulstorm, so it’s likely something to do with that. The RF in “RF1029” likely stands for RuptureFarms, which is overthrown prior to the events of Soulstorm.

The storm mentioned in the message and the tweet likely relates to the Storm in the game’s name.

There’s no other information as to what this teaser could be for exactly. We know the game is launching in 2017, so it could be a more definitive release date, or just more info surrounding the game.

Oddworld: Soulstorm was announced in March this year and is set to be another retake on a previous Oddworld title, this time Oddworld: Exoddus.

You can check out the teaser site for yourself,  here: 1029.io.

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