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PC bangs isn’t a term I’d heard of before today, but apparently it’s a thing, and they’re pretty popular in Korea. So much so that there’s a site dedicated to tracking and charting what people are playing in them. And according to Gametrics, Overwatch has just taken the lead as the post popular game at said PC bangs.

The website, which charts what people are playing at over 4,000 PC bangs, now lists Overwatch as the game of choice for more than 30 percent of players, beating previous leader, League of Legends, by around 2.2 percent.

That’s a pretty big deal for the game, considering how popular League of Legends is in Korea – who apparently spend most of their play-time in these PC bangs. League of Legends, up until this point, had maintained the lead since August 2012, which means Overwatch has managed to kick the game off of its almost four-year streak.

Of course, with StarCraft being another insanely popular game in Korea, it comes as no surprise that gamers are warming to Blizzard’s latest shooter. So much so that even a character in Overwatch, D.Va, has a backstory in StarCraft tournaments.

As with all third-party tracking sites, it is worth taking the information with a pinch of salt as it’s usually estimated and not true to the actual official stats.

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