Psyonix has this week revealed that their car football game Rocket League is set to get the largest update “in the game’s history,” which is set to arrive pretty soon, on June 20.

The Neo Tokyo update, which arrives on all platforms on June 20, is set to be a huge update, bringing the beginning of Season 3 for Competitive Playlists, an expanded drop system that’ll introduce Rare and Very Rare items, new Quick Chat customisation options (Thanks!), post-game celebrations, and more.

The update will then be followed by the addition of two new premium cars, Esper and Masamune, which you can see above. These cars are brightly lit with neon and look pretty damn awesome. Rocket League: Collector’s Edition will receive these vehicles first on June 24 and July 5 in Europe.

The Rocket League: Collector’s Edition will be a boxed retail release and will come with four timed exclusive cars, as well as all of the game’s DLC to date.

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