Pokémon Sun Moon

Nintendo has this afternoon confirmed the previous leak which revealed seven new Pokémon that’ll be making their debut in the two new games this winter.

Likely set to be revealed tomorrow during the planned Pokémon announcement, a leak earlier today, which has now been confirmed by Nintendo, has revealed seven new Pokémon coming to the game: Tapukoko an Electric/Fairy type; Charjabug – Bug/Electric; Vikavolt – Bug/Electric; Drampa – Normal/Dragon; Bruxish – Water/Psychic; Cutiefly – Bug/Fairy; and Togedemaru, a Electric/Steel-type.

Initially seven new videos were released, but since Nintendo’s confirmation a full Japanese trailer for the new Pokés has been unveiled, check it out below:

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Here’s each Pokémon in their own image, posted by Serebii:


Pretty exciting, huh?

We’ll likely have the official press images for these new Pokés either later today, or tomorrow.


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