DC Rebirth has begun, and like many I’m probably looking back at the New 52 with regret. Regretting wasting my time with certain books like Futures End and my affair with Red Hood and the Outlaws.

From the moment I read the punchy press release about this book, I really liked the idea. I’ve been a big Jason Todd fan since he was brought back from the dead and made his first post-death appearance in Hush (but if you’re getting technical Jason appeared in the background of Green Arrow Quiver, Kevin Smith’s resurrection story) and I’ve had a soft spot for Speedy as well.

Starfire, I wasn’t so interested in, since she’s was my least favourite Titan from the cult 2003 animated series, though the premise made her presence quite forgivable. What was the premise you say? Well, it’s a trio of heroes and former teen superhero prodigies in their 20s coping with the fact that their lives just haven’t worked out the way they were supposed to.

Jason Todd, a former sidekick to Batman who would’ve been destined to become a great crime fighter, now a bitter loner who just doesn’t like the world anymore. Denied greatness by himself.

Roy Harper, a recovering addict who has been snubbed by the superhero community and his mentor Green Arrow and most cope with an embarrassing past. His destiny shunted away from him because of some bad decisions.

Starfire, a hedonistic powerhouse who just likes fun.

Each one of these characters sums up one person you’ll know in your 20s. Someone who’s turned their back on their planned path, a guy whose lost his social circle because of a character flaw, and someone who just wants to party.

It resonated with me because I’m a twenty something in a world where things didn’t work exactly as I wanted (not a Billionaire Parkour hoverboard rider).

So with the series being re-launched for Rebirth I skipped to the end because I missed so much and it’s obvious the ending was rushed. Plus since Starfire had been sent away to a book of her own a long time ago, it was sad to see a rushed ending where the bromance ends.

I’m just sorry I wasn’t there for the whole thing, if I had, maybe Jason and Roy would be still hanging out together.

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