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Here’s an interesting rumour for you. According to one NeoGAF tipster, Microsoft is set to announce a “huge third party exclusive remake” at E3. But what could it be? Well, how does State of Decay 2 sound?

Now, bear with me here as this has a pretty long history. On the NeoGAF thread for the Xbox E3 Press Conference, one user named “Enter the Dragon Punch” came along and posted the following tease:

“I can’t specify which game just yet, but there’s a huge exclusive remake coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One. It’s a third party game being funded by MS. :)”

This was then met with questions as to what the game could actually be. Dragon Punch then followed up with a few little hints adding, “It’s a great game to play for when the weather outside is frightful.”

From here many began to speculate exactly what the game could be, with many coming to the conclusion of a Lost Planet remake, but then Dragon Punch dropped the following, “No, not a remaster. It’s a full on, full budget proper remake. It also has 4 player co-op.”

This lead many to speculate that Lost Planet was being remade with the addition of four player co-op, or alternatively, Left 4 Dead would be getting a remake. Then in came the latest leaks for Dead Rising 4, to which Dragon Punch confirmed was real, but wasn’t anything to do with the game they teased earlier.

Then the inevitable happened, following many more posts of speculation, it seemed someone hit the nail on the head:

“Alright, since Schrier spilled the beans…” they said. “State of Decay 2 is an online zombie game.”

After posting this, Dragon Punch failed to respond to any other comments, and simply disappeared from the thread. Now, I’m not a NeoGAF user, so I’m not entirely sure of this users reputation or whether it’s a legitimate leak, so I will say that I’m taking this information with an entire fistful of salt.

It’s also worth mentioning that another NeoGAF user added that Undead Labs won’t be attending this year, so this rumour could be totally bogus. Though Undead don’t necessarily need to be there to announce the game.

That being said, if State of Decay 2 is announced and it contains four player co-op, it would be a day-one purchase for me. The original State of Decay was set to have online multiplayer, but Undead Labs cut it from the game saying “the reasons were mostly technical, as we were up to our eyeballs trying to retrofit our game engine to support an open-world sandbox game rather than the FPS style games it had been designed for,” adding that this would have delayed the game even further. They then revealed plans to turn the multiplayer mode into a spin-off called Class4, but we haven’t heard anything since.

However, State of Decay originally launched on the Xbox 360, and later released on PC and Xbox One. If the new game were to be announced, it would likely focus on Microsoft’s new found love for Xbox and Windows 10 parity, and would be compatible with the new system, allowing Undead Labs to add more into the game, such as co-op multiplayer.

Like I said, I’d take this information with a pinch of salt.

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