Is it a bird is it a plane? Is it another tired reference that most people under a certain age won’t get? No… It’s Superman! Or is it Supergirl?

That’s right after a whole season of the Man of Steel hiding in the shadows and sending awkward instant messages to his cousin, Superman will finally make a clear-cut appearance in Season 2 of Supergirl.

Now that Supergirl has flown over to The CW has left CBS, things should get much more interesting. Of course, one of the big questions lots of people will be asking, is who will play Superman?

Since DC’s live action TV shows have given some previous Superman actors work, it’s logical to think they’ll do it again. Since Brandon Routh, who was in Superman Returns is currently playing The Atom, and Dean Cain (90s live action Superman) is Supergirl’s adopted dad and Helen Slater (played Supergirl in the poorly received 1980s Supergirl), plays her adoptive mother.

So, could Tom Welling get the chance to put the red cape back on? I mean one big issue that springs to mind with that would be that it could make people think that Smallville and Supergirl exist in the same universe.

That would then lead to some huge continuity problems, since that would mean that there are at least two Supergirls kicking around. I mean think about how many huge problems that Smallville has in its own continuity.

Though if the writers we’re clever enough, Tom Welling could return as Superman. I mean at one point people we’re considering as casting him as Superman before they settled on the idea of Superman Returns.

The conclusion I’ve come to though, does that mean Batman exists in this universe? Along with Wonder Woman? What about Green Lantern or even Ambush Bug? I bet that last one is a job for Wikipedia huh?

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