Tabletop Simulator VR

Get ready to get closer to board games than you ever thought you wanted to be because Berserk Games have released a free update for their popular digitized board game platform Tabletop Simulator adding VR support for the HTC Vive.

The trailer shows off some pretty sweet looking implementations of VR tech. Whilst the more obvious additions such as being able to move, rotate and throw game pieces directly with the Vive’s controllers are there, you can also do things like greatly reduce each VR player’s size. This lets you do things like actually put yourself into an RPG game’s dungeon and get up close and personal with the game’s assets, whilst still keeping all the controls you had previously.

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Plus, of course, the game’s UI has been translated to work in a VR space and it seems as though you have free reign to move around the various backgrounds available for each board game.

It’s a neat little addition to Tabletop Simulator that’s sure to give VR players a great new way to interact with the games laid out before them. That, and a way to chuck virtual chess pieces at your mates.

Tabletop Simulator can be purchased from Steam. Take a look at the Tabletop Simulator VR trailer in the video above.

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