Specter Knight

If you can’t get enough of Shovel Knight and have already dug your way through the latest full campaign, Plague of Shadows, which launched for free last year, then you’ll be pleased to know more free content is coming your way.

Yacht Club Games has released a handful of previews for some of the additional free content it’s been preparing for Shovel Knight, including two new campaigns similar to the Plague of Shadows expansion.

The two campaigns will each feature their own Knight, the first of which stars Specter Knight, and another will star King Knight. Specter Knight will be arriving first offering his own unique abilities and attacks, such as Dash Slash which not only helps with attacking enemies, but also offers a way to get to hard-to-reach places. He can also climb walls to a point.

Both the Specter Knight and King Knight campaign are being worked on simultaneously along side other additional content including feats, challenges, Battle Mode, and Body Swap. The Specter Knight campaign will arrive first, hopefully bundled with either Body Swap or Battle Mode, a new competitive multiplayer mode coming to the game.

The mode which doesn’t quite get released in time will then be released with the King Knight campaign later. All of it will be offered for free.

Unfortunately as for when these expansions will launch, Yacht Club hasn’t shared a specific date, but has said that it “should arrive sooner than the wait between Shovel Knight and Plague Knight,” which saw around 15 months between the two releases.


All of this content was previously announced as a result of the Shovel Knight Kickstarter campaign smashing its goal, but it’s only now we’re getting to see what exactly we have in store for us.

For PS Vita fans there’s also news on the horizon for you, too as Yacht Club has also shared details of a physical Vita release for the game. Players can now pre-order a copy for $25 through FanGamer, to ensure they receive a copy when it launches in October. It’ll also share trophies with the digital version of the game and offer cross-save compatibility with the PS3 and PS4 versions.

The physical copy is region-free, comes with a 42-page colour manual, and will get access to the same free updates as the digital version.

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