Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny Rise of Iron! Destiny Rise of Iron! Rise of Iron! Iron! Okay I think you get the message by now that I’m somewhat just a little bit excited about the upcoming Destiny expansion.

Announced the other day, following a load of leaks, Destiny Rise of Iron is the next big step for the world of Destiny following The Taken King and will land this coming September. The update promises to gives players a host of content to explore and more loot to hunt for as the world of Destiny grows once more. This time however it’s back to Earth to help the Iron Lords fight a Fallen threat in the new Plaguelands with the help of a giant flaming axe and return of the mighty Gjallarhorn.

With so much to look forward to however I got to thinking about what I’m most excited about with Destiny Rise of Iron and I think I’ve got it. So, here are three reasons why I’m really looking forward to playing Destiny Rise of Iron when it lands this September.

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Destiny Rise of Iron – The story – what’s beyond the wall?

If Destiny The Taken King taught us anything it’s that Destiny does in fact have a rich and detailed story to tell. The original game may have lacked this due to a number of last minute changes but the following expansion showed that it is possible. Now, with Destiny Rise of Iron players will get to explore beyond the walls of the Cosmodrome and experience the story of the Iron Lords. Arguable one of the most interesting groups of people within the Destiny universe and I’m keen to learn more about them.

There is so much lore to explore within Destiny that another chance for Bungie to flesh out the world, the characters and the mysteries of them then I’m down with that. Besides, going beyond the wall into the new Plaguelands sounds interesting because yeah, it might still be Earth but this time there will be a lot more snow.

Destiny Rise of Iron – The Fallen Splicers – Cyberpunk please!

The Fallen might not be the most interesting enemy in Destiny or the most deadly. That said however the idea of the Fallen having body hacks, augmentations and the new SIVA at their disposal makes me very excited. The House of Devils sounds to make for more engaging and interesting combat situations thanks to these changes. Though a complete new Race would of been more welcoming at this point I don’t mind a modified Fallen race given that we will be remaining on Earth for the time being. Besides they have a cyberpunk feel to them so that’s a bonus and their aim of becoming machine gods rather then worshiping them sounds like these Fallen will be a much more challenging and battle ready foe.

Destiny Rise of Iron – The Axe – It’s on fire!

I don’t really feel like I need to say anything on this other then the fact it’s a giant, flaming axe. Seriously. More to the point however the axe doesn’t just mean that we can pick up yet another power weapon and deal massive damage but it hints towards large scale encounters. My favourite moments in Destiny are when you and your fireteam are outnumbered and really having to work as a team to survive the most intense battles. Now with the idea of being up able to pick up the new flaming axe and just destroy whatever stands between me and my team is very exciting. Add in some Titan flaming hammers and you have yourself a party that Thor himself would be jealous of. Just seriously look at it. It’s going to be amazing!

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Destiny Rise of Iron is at the end of the day though one thing that makes every other reason to be excited not so important. It’s more Destiny. Simple as that. Sure there are other games on the market right now that embrace and capture the loot and shoot style of gameplay better then Destiny one could argue but for whatever reason, I’ll always come back to the game that set me down that path. Destiny is a game that if even only for a few weeks will take over my life and give me hours of fun with friends.

Destiny Rise of Iron might not be the Destiny expansion we were hoping for or Destiny 2 but honestly, it’s the set forward that Destiny needs. Roll on September I say and get ready to prove your worth to the Iron Lords.

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