Yesterday rumours surfaced suggesting that Tumblr would be the latest platform to launch some form of live-streaming for its users. Later that evening the company confirmed the addition of live streaming, but not how you’d think.

Rather than joining the ranks as another live-streaming platform, Tumblr announced that it’d be integrating with existing platforms, starting with YouTube, YouNow, Kanvas, and Upclose. You’ll now be able to share a live-stream from any of those platforms directly to a Tumblr blog, but rather than it being another post that everyone overlooks, notifications will also be sent out to followers, so they can catch up with your live-goings-on.

The intention here is to make Tumblr a home for live-video while allowing users to choose whichever platform they prefer. The platform now essentially sees live-streams as another post type for its users rather than rolling out another dedicated feature to the blogging site. Supporting multiple streaming services doesn’t matter to Tumblr as ultimately, the setup will direct people back to the website.

In an effort to get its users live-streaming, whenever users are live, the stream will be pinned to the top of the feed for anyone who follows you, so no matter what, if you’re streaming, you’ll be at the top of users’ dashboards.

Of course, a number of big live-streaming names are missing from this list, notably Facebook Live, Periscope, and of course Twitch, though the latter likely won’t receive immediate support due to its focus on game streams rather than personal live-streaming. Tumblr has claimed that it’ll be looking at supporting more platforms, but it’d need to have support from both Facebook and Periscope for this, which likely isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Support for YouNow, Kanvas, and Upclose is available now on both iOS and Android, with YouTube support only available for Android right now, iOS support is just a few days away, claims the site.

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