Superman is returning to the small screen as Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as the Man of Steel for Supergirl Season 2, with the blue boy scout makes a two-episode appearance.

If you’ve been following Supergirl you will know that Superman has a had a secondary role in the show whilst DC figure out if people could cope with two different live action versions of Superman.

That will all change with the start of Season 2 however, as Dean Cain look-alike Tyler Hoechlin is now set to become the latest small screen incarnation of Superman.

Well all know the last guy to wear the costume (briefly) was Tom Welling and the guy before that was Dean Cain, who plays Supergirl’s adoptive father and Helen Slater, who plays her mother played Supergirl in the box office Supergirl movie of the 1980s.

So who is Tyler Hoechlin? Well he’s an actor (I know, shocker right?), and like quite a few actors, he’s had a guest appearance in CSI (Miami in this case). Though many people will know him for his role in Teen Wolf the TV show which re-imagines the 80s movie starring Michael J Fox from Back to the Future.

Though, what you’ll likely know Tyler Hoechlin for, in the future, is his role in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise which is set to drop another sequel in the near future. Wow, they are churning out those sequels at quite an alarming rate, it’s rather quite scary.

So if Superman exists in this world, does that mean Batman does? Or do the Green Lanterns exist? How much more of the DC TV universe will be established?  Since Supergirl is moving network what more could we expect?

You think this is good casting? We’ll just have to wait and find out this Autumn when Supergirl Returns?

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