Ubisoft are always full of surprises when it comes to E3, last year we saw For Honor ending the show, leaving people with a taste for viking melee action, and now this year we got Steep, an extreme sports game featuring snowboarding, wingsuits, and much more. But is it the game we’ve been waiting for?

Extreme sports games are few and far between, especially ones of such a high calibre. In the past we had games like SSX Tricky, and recently the Early Access game, Snow, and if Ubisoft’s Steep is anything like the game’s reveal, we’re definitely in for a treat.

So what is Steep?

Left at the tail-end of Ubisoft’s media briefing at E3, Steep is essentially a game that’ll get your heart racing more than Just Dance, and you won’t even have to leave your seat. It’s an open-world game where the Alps and Alaska are your playground. Players will have freedom to do what they want, however they want on the snow-covered mountains, with four ways to do so, be it on a snowboard, on skiis, or in the sky with wingsuits and paragliders.


On its own, I can easily see how players could get tired of blasting down the same mountain ranges, but bring a couple of friends along, plus the ability to record your runs and share them online, makes this freedom of movement way more creative. You’ll be able to create custom lines for other players to take on, plus you can challenge the world with your best tricks. Or you can share your own wipeouts – something I know I’ll likely be doing a lot.

What makes Steep sound so great on paper, and look pretty great too, is the complete freedom to do whatever you want. Games like Tricky were always fun, but the pre-configured lines could quickly become tedious especially if you’ve sunk hours into the game. Not only that, there sounds like there could be endless possibilities in Steep with players creating and sharing lines, as well as gameplay clips, encouraging you to try and top it and do one better.

Of course, I’m judging this game based purely on the fact sheets, press releases, and gameplay videos which were shown at the event. In reality, it could be a completely different story, but for now, I’m holding out hope that this is the next big extreme sports game, one we’ve been begging for, for some time.

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