watch dogs 2 tease

With the trend of movie trailers teasing movie trailers slowly phasing out, it looks like Ubisoft has just caught on and have released an announcement announcing the announcement of a game they’re to announce at E3 2016.

Yep, Watch Dogs 2 has been confirmed thanks to Ubisoft launching a teaser trailer for the full reveal trailer that’s set to land on June 8 at 9PM PT.

The trailer doesn’t actually reveal much other than quick glimpse at the game’s protagonist’s lower-half, as well as the use of a smartphone to hack things, which seems pretty in line with the previous release.

Chances are, along side the announcement trailer, there’ll be news that the game will be fully unveiled at E3 2016, which kicks off with EA’s media briefing on Sunday, June 12 at 9PM UK.

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