For those of you looking for a new Skullgirls game, then you’re in luck, maybe… possibly, as Lab Zero has unveiled Skullgirls Mobile, a new version of the animated fighting game for Android and iOS.

The game isn’t a direct port of the original, however. Instead it’ll tell a complementary story with the first season being the game’s prequel. It’ll feature a good number of the game’s characters, upgradable special moves, as well as an interesting new mechanic in the form of RPG progression.

There’s also going to be come customisation options, and team/deck building mechanics, as well as a new “Fight Assist” feature, that’ll give the game a more turn-based, tactical feel.


This version of the game won’t be developed by Lab Zero however, as Hidden Variable Studios will be developing the game in partnership with the studio.

It’s set to launch on Android and iOS later this year following a closed beta period.

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