“The Greatest Hero of Them All” is back! Action Man returned into our recent memory thanks to another IDW nostalgia-infused comic book which will tie into all the toys in the backyard event called “Revolution”.

From what I’ve gleaned from the gigantic and busy splash page that was at the end of that Action Man comic book (which is worth a read by the way) is that G.I Joe, Transformers, and Action Man are all crossing over, as well as maybe a few more things that I missed in that super busy and exciting splash page.

Just a fun fact to get the ball rolling, Action Man is licensed copy of G.I Joe intended for the European market. So when I make my not so clever analogy below, you’ll understand why it’s so bias to Action Man…

Imagine this crossover as being a little bit like this:

You’ve got three friends who are around 7-10-years-old, it’s a bright sunny Saturday afternoon in the middle of the summer holiday. They all go round each other’s house with all their toys for some cracking fun play.

One kid brings all his Transformers and is a master of turning them back and into vehicle mode, his parents let him watch the Generation 1 on DVD (or VHS depending when this scenario is set) and that’s his favourite thing since Mars Bars. The next kid is a real G.I. Joe fan, he has all the old toys his big brother used to play with and because of stuff always being repeated on TV, he knows the cartoons pretty well.

Our final kid rolls up with one toy, his Action Man. The other kids, have no clue who Action Man is, why would they? Action Man fell off the radar almost a decade ago, now. The kid has an Action Man because he either saw him in a charity shop or a loved one gave it to him because it was in their closet or some such. It’s one of the cool Action Man figures in his jump-suit with some kind of awesome weapon. It just looks cool.

It’s as cool as a Transforming car because it has fancy Kung Fu Grip style gimmick and it fits into the G.I. Joe vehicles too.

Simply put, Action Man is welcome in this world.

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