Speaking at the Star Wars Celebrations this weekend, Amy Hennig revealed some interesting details about Visceral’s upcoming Star Wars title due to be released in 2018.

Although she didn’t dive into too many details, what she did say was pretty enlightening and as someone who’s yet to really dive into the Star Wars universe, it’s piqued my interest somewhat.

Hennig, of course was the head writer for the Uncharted series before she made her move over to EA to work with Visceral on the upcoming Star Wars game. During the panel she explained her creative process saying that she deconstructed the Star Wars movies to understand how they could be adapted into a game. The same method she used over at Naughty Dog.

“The reason [we’re collaborating with Lucasfilm so closely is] we’re writing an original Star Wars story with new characters, locations, tech, creatures, you name it. All of it has to sit authentically alongside the stuff people know now,” she said. “The process that I’ve been using is really similar to what I did with Uncharted, to be honest. If you’re trying to re-create that classic–in [Uncharted’s] case–pulp action adventure experience, you need to deconstruct the films so you know how to reconstruct them in an interactive context as gameplay.”

She went on to explain that the end goal for this Star Wars title is that players finish the game and have the feeling of watching a really good Star Wars movie. This of course means Hennig and the team have to understand where each different part falls to ensure it stays true to the source material and isn’t just an adventure game with the Star Wars name slapped on top of it.

“It means getting the tone right. It’s what my writing partner Todd [Stashwick] calls breezy urgency. It’s the idea that there’s sort of a swash-buckling charm to the thing. There’s humor and buoyancy but at the same time there’s stakes and jeopardy.”

As for game details, well as the game is so far off there really isn’t anything Hennig can say right now, however she did add that the game will likely have multiple protagonists as the Star Wars series doesn’t really have a single main character. Everyone works together and that’s something she’s conscious of when writing the story for the game.

“The difference between Star Wars and Indiana Jones is that there aren’t side characters, there are co-protagonists, and so the same thing is true of our game,” Hennig said. “They only escape the Death Star because everyone does their part in parallel. The challenge for us then is how do we enable that in gameplay.”

It sounds a lot like Hennig has her work cut out for her to ensure the game she creates is something fresh and unique, while staying true to the series. Though given the success of the Uncharted series and how well the stories play out in that game, we think she’ll handle it pretty well.

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