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Here’s an unsurprising bit of news. The Pokémon Company and Niantic’s smash mobile hit, Pokémon Go, has become the most downloaded game within the first week of launch than any other game on the App Store.

Although the game has still yet to roll out in a number of countries across the globe, Pokémon Go has become a success. With the game launching in Australia, New Zealand, and North America within its first week, the game had been downloaded more times than any other app on the App Store during that period, Apple has confirmed.

Since then, the game has launched in 26 more countries including Japan earlier this week, so chances are it may continue to smash through those records.

Although the launch has been a success in terms of downloads and user retention, its stability and how Niantic have handled the launch has come into question.

Interestingly, despite not having that much to do with Nintendo, the Japanese company has gained to benefit from the app with its stock pricing almost double since the games launch.

Considering Pokémon Go is really just the beginning of what the game could be (with player trading, more Pokémon, and much more set to arrive later), Niantic should be pretty pleased for themselves.


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